Issues, risks and decisions

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung.

It is the active process of taking action and monitoring that matters, but the first step is capturing and tracking issues. Without action you just have ‘feel good' ceremonies.

Issue log

You may already have a IT system for tracking issues, the key thing here is that you have a process and a scope for the the issues. e.g project issues, product issues, organisational issues and that these issues are escalated if they are at a level where the person being affected by it, cannot resolve it. Its important to have a clear owner for an issue.

Id Description Impact Issue Owner Date Status Resolution
1 Bandwidth bottlenecks causing site to run slow High Stephen Allred 4-09-2020 Open  

Risk log

A log of things which ‘have not happened' yet.

Id Description Probability Impact Prevent/Reduce/Accept/Transfer/Contingency Risk Owner Date Raised
1 Denial of service attack Unlikely Large Accept - At the moment the website is unlikely to be targeted and is of low priority
Reduce - Implement cloud-flare
Contingency - Scale site up and use multi-regions to serve traffic
Bob Smith 7-09-2020

Decision log

Id Decision Options Rationale Date decision made Decision made by
1 Should we use Kanban as the workflow to manage software delivery Scrum, Kanban Work is consistent and priority is changing frequently. Two weekly sprints are inefficient in this context. 7/09/2020 Bob Smith